N.N. 2025

EPTUN WERFT is continuing its long-standing and very successful partnership with Viking and has now received the order to build another innovative ship designed specifically to navigate the Seine River. Delivery is scheduled for March 2025.

The ship will comply with the strictest exhaust gas regulations of the European Union and, like four sister ships already delivered in 2020, will have a hybrid propulsion system with batteries. This system avoids peak loads and thus ensures a significant reduction in emissions. In addition, a photovoltaic system on the upper deck will further contribute to the ship’s energy efficiency.

The successful operation of the hybrid system has now led to Viking ordering another ship of this series from NEPTUN WERFT. Like its identical sister ships, the new ship will offer space for 168 passengers and, with a length of 125 metres, will also be able to dock in the centre of Paris.

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