Experience meets innovation

Meyer Turku is one of the world’s largest and most modern shipyards. We build the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly cruise ships, ferries, and special vessels. Our share of the world’s cruise ship market is around 15 percent, and our order stock reaches all the way to 2026.

Meyer Turku Oy operates at the Turku shipyard where ships have been built since 1737. Meyer Turku Oy’s partner companies include the cabin module manufacturer Piikkio Works Oy in Piikkiö, the interior solution provider Shipbuilding Completion Oy and the Rauma-based shipbuilding and offshore industry design company ENG’nD Oy. Meyer Turku Oy, along with Germany-based Meyer Werftin and Neptun Werftin, form the Meyer Group, one of the world’s leading cruise ship builders.

The Turku shipyard, operational since 1737, is now a part of the Meyer Group.

The renowned Meyer family company’s story began when Willm Rolf Meyer founded the Meyer Werft shipyard all the way back in 1795, in Papenburg, Germany. Today the Meyer Group includes the Rostock shipyard Neptun Werft, in addition to the Turku and Papenburg shipyards.

The Meyer shipyard designs and builds the world’s most advanced ships, river boats and passenger ferries, tailor-made to meet the client’s needs – and to exceed even the highest expectations. This 7th generation family business is known and respected around the world.

years of experience

Rewarding employment

On average, our employees work at our shipyard for at least 12 years. This puts our period of employment well above the national average.

Partner companies

Tight and effective network

MEYER WERFT works closely with 20 partner companies, which come together to form the MEYER Group.

The MEYER Group

Pioneering achievements

We’re one of the most efficient and modern shipbuilding companies in the world. Our cruise ships are built upon an effective combination of tradition and innovation.