Large Network of Specialists

40,000 square metres of carpet, 1,800 toilets and 220 tons of paint: Meyer Turku needs a lot of material for the construction of its ocean liners. That’s why we have a strong network of local and international suppliers.

We always establish trusting partnerships, because we can only consistently set new standards in technology, design and quality by collaborating with our partners.

Become a Supplier

Up to 80 % of Meyer Turku's ships are made up of the value added by our suppliers. Reliable quality, close cooperation, service, innovative thinking and flexibility are some of the characteristics that can lead to long-term partnerships. That is our goal. Do you see yourself reflected in this? Then apply with information about your company and your products.

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Code of Conduct

All contracts agreed between the MEYER Group and its affiliates contain a Code of Conduct, obliging suppliers to comply with the regulations stipulated in our Social Charter.


Supplier Portal – SAP ARIBA

MEYER uses SAP ARIBA as the primary tool for supplier management, in which various data are recorded and queried. We strive for a reliable, long-term cooperation with you as a partner and create a number of benefits with SAP Ariba.

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General Supplier Requirements

By means of the General Supplier Requirements (GSR), we would like to work together with you, as our suppliers, to ensure that ship projects are completed in accordance with qualitative, ethical and ecological principles. In this context, it is the goal for our suppliers to fulfill the requirements of the GSR and, if necessary, to work together on measures to comprehensively meet the requirements. The GSR are available for download here and will also be submitted to you by our procurement department if required for your contract.


General Working Instructions

Meyer Turku is dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment for everyone at the shipyard. These General Working Instructions are aimed at employees on every organizational level, guiding them in their daily responsibilities in alignment with Meyer Turku's core values. These instructions serve as the foundation for a robust organization, ensuring a uniform approach in all tasks, while also fostering a collective commitment to the highest quality and safety standards.

Read the General Working Instructions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we screen our suppliers?

Modern shipbuilding is all about teamwork, which means our success also depends on our suppliers. We like to get to know our partners beforehand to make sure our cooperation can get off to a flying start. Our Supplier Management department will ask you to firstly provide general information about your company including relevant certificates and documents as part of the qualification process.In addition please provide us the information requested in the below form.

What should I take in to account when delivering my order?

DAP deliveries & FCA deliveries


Please follow the instructions that you have received from us with our purchase order (PO) and notify us of your delivery 48 hours in advance. Kindly fill in document “Delivery notification Meyer Turku 2022.pdf” and send it together with packing list and AWB to so that we can plan accordingly and ensure quick unloading. Please share all specific detailed requirements like technical drawings with attachment points, center of gravity and weight or if you’ll need a crane.

Our Warehouse in open on Monday–Friday: 7–11 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. – 15 p.m. No deliveries are accepted between: 11–11:45 a.m.

Deliveries are made according to the order either to our Main Gate to Meyer Turku Oy, Telakkakatu 1, 20240 Turku or to the Northern Gate to Telakkatie 1, 20240 Turku.

EORI number: FI0772017-4
VAT: FI07720174

Please find map and driving instructions to the Main Gate on the Contact page.


Please follow the instructions that you have received from us with our purchase order (PO).

Deliveries are made according to the order either to our Main Gate to Meyer Turku Oy, Telakkakatu 1, 20240 Turku or to the Northern Gate to Telakkatie 1, 20240 Turku.

EORI number: FI0772017-4
VAT: FI07720174

Depending on agreed delivery terms, please check correct delivery address on the Meyer Turku PO, sometimes it may be different from the above-mentioned.Contact person details must be mentioned on the delivery documents, if those have been defined in the PO. Full name, telephone number, and e-mail address must be indicated.

To book the transportation please send the following information to

  • Collection address and contact details (full name, telephone number, and e-mail address)
  • Loading hours and if special equipment is needed (side load, curtain trailer, backtail etc.)
  • Quantity of pallets
  • Dimensions & weight for each pallet
  • Information if the shipment is stackable / required loading meters
  • If the shipment includes any hazardous or classified materials, please send Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DGD) according to international rules for transport of dangerous goods (IMDG, IATA DGR) and please attach Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • If the goods are from 3rdcountries or of NON-EU origin, owner of the goods as an exporter is responsible for submitting an export declaration or a bonded goods transit document T1.

How do I register my staff?

More information on signing staff in and out can be found in the Access to the Shipyard section.

Where can I park?

MEYER TURKU has a car parking areas with 3792 spaces available. Parking areas can be found near the Main Gate and Northern Gate. Please allow plenty of time to find a parking space – the use of the car park and access road can vary significantly. For more detailed information please see the map of Turku Shipyard (pdf).

Can I get to the yard by public transportation?

Yes. There are plenty of public transportation routes offered by Föli. For more detailed information of the buss stops please see the map of Turku Shipyard (pdf).

Please have a look to Turku Map Service as well.

Can the employees of suppliers use the common facilities at the shipyard?

Yes. Workers employed by our suppliers can use our staff rooms, sanitary facilities and lockers. There are also two canteens located in the shipyard. For more information please contact your contact person at the yard.

Can I also send my invoice via email?

Yes. Please follow the instructions below regarding electronic invoicing.


E-invoices (primary)
E-invoice address: 0037077201741
Operator: Basware (BAWCFI22)
Pdf-invoices by email:
Inquiries related to purchase invoices:

One invoice in one PDF file. One email can contain multiple PDFs. If the invoice has attachments, they must be in the same PDF file as the invoice, with the invoice page first. PDF files must not be locked or password protected.


  • It is essential to indicate the purchase order number in the references of all invoices (mandatory for orders for goods)
  • Alternatively, the contract number or the name of the purchaser / reviewer
  • The delivery address of the goods / services and any other agreed alignment information must be indicated on the invoice
  • Time sheet / readiness report attached to the invoice as agreed

Invoices must also otherwise meet the requirements of applicable legislation. We cannot accept invoicing or other costs unless specifically agreed. Invoices sent to an incorrect address and with incomplete information will be returned to the sender, in which case we cannot be held responsible for any late payments.