Efficient Network is a Necessity for Modern Cruise Shipbuilding

In the past, shipyards did practically all by themselves. Now, the shipyard is mainly an integrator. It needs an efficient and effective network to build today’s magnificent ships in co-operation with the shipyard.

In MEYER TURKU, over 80% of the ship’s value is procured from the partner network. Basically all equipment and materials are procured, and over 80% of design and engineering is performed by external engineering offices. 25-30% of surface-treated hull work is made by subcontractors and about 80% of prefabricates are procured from external workshops. About 80% of the outfitting is conducted by the supplier network, mainly using turnkey contracts.

In our suppliers’ we value reliability, innovativeness, flexibility and cost efficiency. We expect our suppliers or subcontractors:

  • to be reliable, in other words committed to deliveries according to schedules, agreed technical specification and quality requirements
  • to be cost efficient and flexible when needed
  • to be innovative and prepared to grow and produce something new
  • to be committed to working in keeping with the end-customer's interests
  • to be committed to the spirit of the contract, not only the wording
  • to be ready to inform us immediately of any problems and take immediate mitigation action
  • to be committed to the spirit of health and safety rules
  • to have sufficiently solid financial standing
  • to naturally comply with the national laws and regulations as well as the regulations of the shipyard
  • to be ready to take care of the social and environmental obligations
  • to be willing to treat suppliers and employees fairly

Would you like to become a MEYER TURKU supplier and help us handle our projects?