• Innovative Designs

    MEYER TURKU is a well-known and reliable partner for designing and building innovative, tailor-made cruise vessels and ferries according to the customer’s needs. The ships built in Turku shipyard are known to be the safest, most environmentally friendly, comfortable, reliable and energy efficient in the industry. The following innovations have their origins in Turku: the first purpose built-cruise ship; the first cruise ship with all outside cabins; the first diesel-electric cruise ship; the first pod-propulsion cruise ship; and first cruise ships with indoor atrium promenade.

  • Flexible Production

    Hull production at MEYER TURKU is performed by a flexible facility, specialised in hull blocks of different shapes, sizes and weights. We aim at highly modular solutions that will minimise the amount of work needed in ship assembly. In production work, we use traditional manual work methods as well as the newest machine vision-based robotic welding technologies.

  • Supplier Network

    In the past, shipyards did practically all by themselves. Now, the shipyard is mainly an integrator. It needs an efficient and effective network to build today’s magnificent ships in co-operation with the shipyard.