XP Tray

Experience the Sea

An open large multipurpose deck with a diverse range of attractions. It forms a base for the intelligent concept completed with a slim accommodation block on top of the tray. The tray servers various activities using staging solutions. Appearances changes throughout the day and night to serve the different activities and purposes. The sun deck transforms into a seaside cafeteria. An entertaining area transforms into a dining venue.

Environmentally Friendly

Multipurpose spaces and higher occupancy ratios together with new and improved technical solutions ensure that her energy consumption is the lowest possible. LNG machinery, waste heat recovery and many other applications for green and efficient energy production further enhance that she is the most environmentally friendly passenger ship that can be feasible today.

Efficient Operation

With all the passenger dining and entertaining venues on the xptray decks, related service facilities can be combined to offer high level service with streamlined manning. This also improves the service logistics as the distances from stores to consumption are shortest possible.

Rational and Innovative Shipbuilding

Unique layout with intensified superstructure and high level of modularisation forms the base for us to achieve the best possible result in ship building process.