• Cruise Ships

    Turku shipyard has a highly respected tradition of building first-class luxury cruise ships.
    Construction of cruise ships demands a great deal of expertise beyond that required in standard shipbuilding.
    We build the most energy efficient cruise ships, since it not only means savings in the fuel bill but also is environmentally sustainable .

  • Ferries

    MEYER TURKU aspires to reduce ship’s emissions, using latest technology and minimizing the energy consumption of the whole ship concept, to preserve the vulnerable sea areas, where short sea shipping usually takes place.
    Superior usability and reliability, efficient operating and a high standard of passenger comfort are trademarks of the solutions that MEYER TURKU can provide.

  • Arctic Cargo Vessels

    The 20 000 GT arctic cargo vessels, in total 19 units were developed, designed and delivered from Turku and Helsinki Shipyard between 1982-1987 and have served long in most demanding circumstances.

  • Gas Carriers

    Turku Shipyard is well known as a developer and builder of special tanker tonnage for the transportation of liquedified petroleum gas (LPG) and nature gas (LNG) in very low temperatures: down to minus 163 centigrade of Celsius.

  • Multipurpose Icebreakers and Supply Vessels

  • Naval Vessels

    Rauma Shipyard is the purveyor of the Finnish Navy, having delivered over 100 vessels. The deliveries include a series of Rauma Class Missile Boats, a series of Hamina Class Missile Boats, two Kiisla Class patrol boats, minelayers and fast multi-purpose hovercraft.

  • Offshore Structures and Vessels

    Floating offshore cranes became an important speciality of Turku Shipyard in the 80`s. The crane ships were designed and built for the service in the oil fields of the Russian continental shelf.
    Turku Shipyard has also designed and delivered a number of dredgers for different tasks, such as to work in the very shallow waters, in ice and in the Arctic conditions.

  • Scientific Survey and Research Vessels

    Turku Shipyard and other shipyards in Finland have excellent records in the design and building of a wide range of purpose built research vessels.

  • Technology and Engineering

    Our knowledge of passenger ship construction can be experienced where ever modern ships sail. We build facilities for wonderful experiences for the passengers and effective cargo handling – the facilities that make our customers’ business successful!