Dredgers for Icy and Arctic Shallow Waters

Turku Shipyard has designed and delivered a number of dredgers for different tasks, such as to work in the very shallow waters, in ice and in the Arctic conditions.

A 10900 dwt "Gogland" is a trailing suction hopper dredger. It´s powerful pumps to dredge down to 30 metres below the sea surface. Dredging is made by suction with pumps able to handle 26000 cubic metres an hour. This material is then conveyed elsewhere, to be disposed by releasing bottom-locks of the ship. Alternatively, it can be pumped by pipes into barges or onto ashore up to one kilometer away.

"Gogland" is one of the largest ice-going dredgers in the world, it is 122 meters long, 22 metres wide and has the draught of 8 metres. Besides sophisticated dredging equipment, the ship boasts advanced electronic instruments and automation, including positioning and echo sounding.

The 12000 dwt “Vaydaghubsky” is multipurpose hopper dredger, which can operate: as a trailing suction hopper dredger, as an oil recovery vessel, as a fire fighting vessel, as sludge oil, bilge and sewage water receiving vessel having oily water separation system onboard. The vessel is 132 metres long, 22 metres wide and has the draught of 8,5 metres. The dredging depth is 2 x 30 metres or 1 x 50 metres. Three dredge pumps have each the capacity of 13000 m3/h.

The 1400 dwt “Leningradskij I and II” are stationary/ trailing suction dredgers have two 15700 m3/h dredge pumps, one in ladder and one in hull. The dredging range is from 4 to 30 metres. The vessels are 98 metres long, 16 metres wide and have the maximum draght of 3,5 metres.

The 450 dwt “Jamal”, “Javaj”, “Anabar” and “Indirka” are combined dustpan/ trailing suction dredgers for Arctic rivers. The dredging range is from 1,8 m to 6...10 metres. The draught of the 111,5 metres long and 16 metres wide vessels is only 1,9 m allowing operations in very shallow waters.

The dredgers have been designed for the Arctic waters to keep open the channels in the shallow rivers of Siberia.