Floating Offshore Cranes

Floating offshore cranes became an important speciality of Turku Shipyard in the 80`s.

The crane ships were designed and built for the service in the oil fields of the Russian continental shelf. The biggest of them "Stanislav Judenits" had the hoisting capacity of 1600 tons when delivered and was later on upgraded to 2500 tons, being one of the biggest crane vessels in the world at that time. The crane, supplied by KONE can reach 48,5 metres and lift cargo to a height of 60 metres above the water.

The vessel incorporates an advanced computerized counterbalancing system that limits the list of the ship when heavy weights are being hoisted. Even in the bleakiest weather it can be held in place in water 300 metres deep with eight special anchors. There is a launch-pad for MI-8 helicopters, a complete range of diving equipment and a pressure chamber for descents of up to 50 metres in cold water, just a few special features to mention.

Four catamaran type crane vessels " Titan 1 - 4" with hoisting capacity of 600 tons each were built in total. Two of the vessels were towed as floating major units through Russian rivers and channels into Caspian Sea. The units were integrated and completed at a local shipyard in Astrakhan under supervision of experts from Turku Shipyard.