• Fesco-Sakhalin

    The combined icebreaker, offshore supply and standby vessel for Far Eastern Shipping Company (Fesco), Russia is truly one of the most sophisticated and versatile ships ever built for arctic operations.

  • Antarcticaborg

    Antarcticaborg is an unusual ship 65,1 m long and 16,4 m beam but with a loaded draught of a mere 2,9 m.

  • Botnica

    MSV Botnica represents the same concept in a slightly smaller scale than its elder sisters. It also introduces a new feature - a moon pool, which allows many offshore operations, such as operating a ROV, to be carried out in heavier weather conditions than with conventional methods.

  • Röthelstein

    Röthelstein was delivered in 1995 from Helsinki shipyard. Overall legth of Röthelstein is 42.3 metres and breadth is 10.0 metres. Draught of icebreaker Röthelstein is 2.0 metres.

  • Nordica

    The Fennica-class multipurpose icebreakers built by STX Europe operate during the open water period as global offshore construction vessels.

  • Fennica

    The revolutionary concept of combining an icebreaker and a subsea intervention vessel has proven its unbeatable competitive edge. Both previous multipurpose icebreakers built by STX Finland, MSV Fennica and MSV Nordica, have an excellent track record in the heaviest duties a vessel can be expected to work.

  • Taymyr and Vaygach

    Taymyr was delivered in 1989 and Vaygah in 1990 from Helsinki shipyard.

  • Kontio

    Kontio icebreaker was delivered in 1987 by Helsinki shipyard. The overall length of the vessel is 99 metres and the breadth is 24.2 metres. Draught of Kontio is 8 metres and speed is 18.5 knots.

  • Otso

    Icebreaker Otso was delivered in 1986 from Helsinki shipyard.