Transportation of Liquedified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Nature Gas (LNG)

Turku Shipyard is well known also as a developer and builder of special tanker tonnage for the transportation of liquedified petroleum gas (LPG) and nature gas (LNG) in very low temperatures down to minus 163 centigrade of Celsius.

In the 80´s nine LPG carriers were designed and built in Turku and delivered to Japan, Norway and Venezuela continuing in the design and delivery of four LNG carriers to Abu Dhabi for the transportation of LNG from United Arab Emirates to Japan. In the R&D phase of the LNG cargo containment production systems new innovations were deloped and taken into use. The 137,000 m3 cargo tanks were at that time the world´s largest aluminium tanks and resulted unsurpassed quality and accuracy reputation within the LNG world.

Arctic LNG Carrier is a novel example of co-operation with a demanding arctic oil and gas company. The projected 170,000 m3 special vessel includes e.g. an advanced dual-fuel diesel-electric machinery and a patented Aker Arctic Double Acting Ship concept with a heavy ice-class Arc 7. The new generation LNG carriers are intended for North East Sea Route harsh conditions.