• Megastar

    Megastar, travelling between Helsinki and Tallinn, is the most advanced fast ferry in the Baltic Sea. Megastar is not just powered by environmentally friendly LNG (liquefied natural gas), but the ship also has an extremely advanced hull shape resulting in substantial fuel savings during the ship’s operation.

  • Baltic Princess

    The vessel delivered in summer 2008 from shipyard in Helsinki is a sister ship to MS Baltic Queen and MS Galaxy delivered from Rauma.

  • Star

    In 2007 MS Tallink Star, delivered from the yard in Helsinki, joined the Tallink fleet. She operates regular traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn and is capable to cross the sea between the two cities in less than two hours.

  • Galaxy

    On April 2006, the cruise ferry Galaxy was delivered for Tallink from Rauma shipyard.

  • Victoria I

    MS Victoria I was delivered on March 2004 by Rauma shipyard. The vessel is a sistership to Estonia's biggest cruise ferry Romantika, delivered for Tallink by Rauma shipyard in May 2002.

  • Romantika

    Rauma shipyard delivered on May 2002 to Estonian Tallink Group a 2,500 pax Cruise ferry for the Gulf of Finland traffic.

  • Baltic Queen

    The 212 metres long and 29 metres wide ship, delivered from the Rauma yard is one of the biggest and fastest cruise ferries in the Baltic Sea.

  • Silja Serenade

    Silja Serenade was delivered in 1990 from Turku shipyard.

  • Botnia

    Botnia was delivered from Rauma shipyard in 1986.

  • Svea

    Svea was delivered in 1985 from shipyard in Helsinki.

  • Finlandia

    Finlandia was delivered in 1981 from Turku shipyard.

  • Silvia Regina

    Silvia Regina was delivered in 1981 from Turku shipyard.

  • Wellamo

    Wellamo was delivered in 1986 from Helsinki shipyard.

  • GTS Finnjet

    GTS Finnjet was delivered in 1977 from Helsinki shipyard.