Roro-ships and ferries, as part of intermodal transportation, are essential for transport of goods and passengers for many countries. The various needs on each route have led to the development of dedicated ferry types, each tailored for a different mix of passengers, cars and cargo.

Cruise ferries operate on overnight routes, and comfortable cabins are an important pleasure factor. In todays’s cruise ferries the passengers expect festive experiences onboard. Large and cosy public spaces with efficient passenger flow make the trip enjoyable for the passengers and profitable for the operator.

Fast ferry concept is utilized, where a short crossing time is decisive. Combination of well executed hydrodynamic design and well functioning logistics provides short turnaround times and efficient passage. Each concept is tailored for the specific needs of each customer, speed and efficiency still being the key characteristics.

RoPax ferries are designed to provide maximum efficiency in loading and offloading of cars, wheeled cargo and passengers. These vessels have large and easily loaded decks for lorries, trailers and cars.

We reduce ship’s emissions, using latest technology and minimizing the energy consumption of the whole ship concept, to preserve the vulnerable sea areas, where short sea shipping usually takes place. Superior usability and reliability, efficient operating and a high standard of passenger comfort are trademarks of the solutions that Turku shipyard can provide.