Meyer Turku’s makes sustainable development with 25 million euros profit in 2016

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Meyer Turku has made another profitable year in 2016 and is on a good and also economically sustainable path with Meyer family ownership since late 2014. The net profit of the shipyard in 2016 was 25 million euros (or 3.2% of revenue), rising from 15 million euros in 2015.

The rise of Turku shipyard under Meyer leadership has been swift. The revenue of the company rose 33 percent last year from 594 million euros in 2015 to 792 million euros in 2016. The growth is economically healthy and sustainable with a stable order book reaching until 2024.

“We are well on our growth path and these reasonable profits give us an opportunity to further invest into the shipyard and also to build up an even stronger shipbuilding team with further recruitments,” Meyer Turku CEO Jan Meyer comments.

Meyer Turku main figures:
Year 2015: Revenue 594 million euros, profit 15 million euros.
Year 2016: Revenue 792 million euros, profit 25 million euros.

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