Meyer Turku to invest 17 million euros in Cabin Factory in Piikkiö

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Meyer Turku will invest 17 million euros to its fully owned subsidiary Piikkio Works. The investments include a new assembly factory, with fully automated conveyor belt line and the old panel production hall will be renovated and enlarged to be used as a warehouse for the ready-made cabin modules. Furthermore the Offices of Piikkio Works will be moved to a newly renovated office in the center of Piikkiö.

“This is the biggest investment in the history of Piikkiö cabin factory. We will almost double our output by 2018, and these investments are a major step towards more industrialized LEAN production. All these improvement efforts are the best way to secure our jobs in Piikkiö for the longer term.”, the CEO of Piikkiö Works Ari Kumpulainen comments.

Piikkio Works has a great legacy: It was 30 years ago at Piikkiö, where the world’s first prefabricated cabins were produced. Building today’s large cruise ships with up to 5000 beds or even more would not be possible without industrially prefabricated cabins. Industrial series production means that Piikkio Works can deliver exceptional quality and value at a very low price. Furthermore reproducing the cabins allows Meyer Turku to build today’s much bigger ships in the same time that was in the past needed to build much smaller ships.

“Today and 140 000 successfully delivered prefabricated cabins later, we want to build on this great legacy and make the next leap forward towards higher productivity and industrial quality. The facilities here in Piikkiö need renovations or even replacement very urgently. This is a burden but also a great opportunity to design and create our future. Our team at Piikkiö is working hard and smart to realize the full benefits from these costly investments and again set a new standard for the most advanced cabin production worldwide.”, CEO of Meyer Turku Jan Meyer adds.

Part of this new development work is the close cooperation with sister cabin factory EmsPreCab in Papenburg / Germany. Both factories are closely cooperating to jointly optimizing their product, production and supply chain.